Neighbors say someone's ransacking their condo's mailboxes

Surveillance video shows a person rummaging through the mailboxes

According to board members of the Stonebridge Condominiums, checks, banking information, and packages have been stolen from the gated community.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Recent mail and package thefts hitting Jacksonville's Baymeadows area have neighbors on edge.

Someone has been ransacking mailboxes in the Stonebridge Condominiums gated community, leaving people wondering what's happened to their checks, banking information and deliveries.

The latest incident played out Wednesday morning. Surveillance video provided by a board member appears to show a capture a woman in the act of tampering with residents' mail.

Based on some footage, board members suspect the culprit uses a screwdriver to pry open the containers. Once they're open, there's a gold mine of personal and financial information inside.

"Then all she got to do is walk by and reach in there and grab what she wants," board member Mack Hutchinson told News4Jax.

Hutchinson believes the thief targets the mailboxes on the inside of the kiosk because it's shaded and lets her avoid suspicion from drivers passing by.

"You got a lot of letters, you got books, looks like you got some type of credit card stuff in here, you've got somebody's Social Security stuff in here," he said.

The footage shows a woman pry open a mailbox door and rummage through the bins. Moments later, she organizes her findings into separate piles. Images captured in May also show a woman sifting through mailboxes and then get into an SUV parked out front.

“It does worry me,” said Chriscine Damico, who has lived in the “normally safe and quiet” complex for five years. “I mean, I don’t personally put my checks in there, but it does worry me for others in here. You know, there’s good people in here.”

Another neighbor, who did not wish to speak on camera, told News4Jax she had about $500 worth of items stolen out of her box.

Property management said a copy of the surveillance footage and a license plate number have been sent to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. The complex plans to spend more money on new mailboxes.

To avoid becoming a victim, don't let your mail sit around. Get to know your mail carrier's schedule and collect your things as soon as possible. If you think something's been stolen, don't hesistate to report it.

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