Corrections officer accused of domestic violence on pregnant woman

JSO: Jarvis Brannon waived his first court appearance, held without bond

Duval County Jail at dusk

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville corrections officer waived his first appearance Sunday after he was arrested Saturday and charged with domestic violence on a pregnant woman.

Police said Jarvis Brannon III, 22, got into an argument with his former girlfriend as she packed up some of his things. Officers said the argument became violent and Brannon pushed the woman, who is four months pregnant with his child. She suffered bumps and bruises when she fell but was not seriously hurt. She then called the police to file a report. 

Domestic violence is something that tends to increase with pregnancy and studies show pregnant women are more likely to be murdered than to die from any other cause. In fact, the risk of dying from homicide is twice as great in pregnant women as it is nonpregnant women.

The victim also works for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office as a civilian employee, according to JSO Director of Personnel Tom Hackney, but her name will not be released. 

Police said Brannon resigned.  

"I can tell you this much, that I am pleased that Mr. Brannon no longer works here. My tolerance level for those who want to put their hands on their partners is extremely low. A person that decides to do this, whether they are an employee or not, in my opinion, is a slimy salamander that truly does not deserve to breathe the same air out in freedom like we do," Hackney said.  

Hackney said there have been no previous complaints against the corrections officer in the past and he had been on the force since April 2016. 

There's no bond set after his first appearance Sunday. 

"This person being a public servant has to be held accountable to a higher standard, simply because they enforce the laws," said crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson. 

Deputies said the last time an officer was arrested for domestic battery was in 2017, when a 20-year veteran officer bit his wife’s hand.

Unlike that officer, Brannon is not close to retirement. 

Brannon had been on the force since April 2016, and deputies said he hadn't had any prior record of physical force issues on the job.  

"Walk away because your career could be hanging on the balance; this young man lost his career behind this as it stands right now," Jefferson said. 

Brannon is still in jail and JSO says he is not eligible for bond.

This is the third arrest of a JSO employee this year. 

  • On March 23, Officer Rodney Bryant was arrested on three counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. Detectives said he pointed a gun at his girlfriend and two other women during an argument outside a nightclub. Termination proceedings are underway. 
  • On March 26, Officer Matthew Hunter was arrested on capital sexual battery charges on a girl younger than 12. The charges were later upgraded to three counts of sexual battery and possession of child porn. A month later, a second girl told JSO that Hunter molested her during a sleepover. He's charged with lewd and lascivious molestation in that case.

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