Jacksonville baby delivered in car leaves hospital on 4th of July


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A baby who was born nearly a month early in a car on the way to a hospital is on her way home on the Fourth of July.

A photo sent to News4Jax by the baby's mother came with a text that reads:

"We are about to leave the hospital now! Talk about an amazing Independence Day! She is free!

Laramie Cundiff originally thought she was going into labor, but it turned out she was having what are called Braxton Hicks contractions, which mimic the feeling of going into labor. Days later, she experienced the same sensation, only that time, it turned out the baby was on its way.

ORIGINAL STORY: Jacksonville couple delivers baby in car on way to hospital

As they rushed to Wolfson Children's Hospital, Nova Lynn Meredith was born May 5, about 25 days early, on the way to the hospital.

Nova has been in the NICU at Wolfson until she was healthy enough to be released. Now, she gets to spend Independence Day at home with her family.

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