Dashcam video captured I-75 crash that killed 7

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Video showing a tractor-trailer crossing the median of Interstate 75 in January, hitting a church van full young people before continuing on and striking another semi was obtained by one of the firms handling lawsuits resulting from the crash.

Five children and both truck drivers died in the crash just north of Gainesville.

A still image from the video was released in the National Transportation Safety Board's preliminary report on the crash. The NTSB said the video is a key piece of evidence in its investigation.

News4Jax is not showing the full video, knowing that seven deaths resulted.

The church van was full of young people from Louisiana heading to Disney World.

Last week, News4Jax reported that eight lawsuits have been filed against Eagle Express, the company the semi-truck driver worked for, by the victims' families and some of the victims.

In a statement, attorney Kurt Arnold, who is representing one of the survivors, said:

"This terrible tragedy was 100% avoidable and by filing the lawsuits the families will be able to use the court system to get the answers they deserve. It's our goal to discover the full truth of why this happened and the truth will prevent future disasters from destroying the lives of other families."

Eagle Express released a statement to CBS News about the crash:

"We mourn the tragic accident. It appears (the truck driver) suffered a sudden medical emergency that rendered him unconscious, thus leading to the accident."

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