Georgia teacher creates magical 'Harry Potter'-themed classroom

FOLKSTON, Ga. – One Georgia teacher is welcoming students back in a magical way.

Melissa Ambrose Allen's "Harry Potter"-themed classroom in Folkston is sure to turn heads on the first day of school. 

The decorations include potions and wands, a golden snitch, a sorting hat, inspirational quotes and more. 

When students walk into Mrs. Allen's classroom, it will be like they are walking into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! 

"A new school year is upon us! School starts on Monday and I’m excited to share my love of reading (and Harry Potter) with my classes. I’ve added some new HP decor to the room and I’m in love! The room is better than I ever imagined," Allen's Facebook post said. 

GALLERY: Harry Potter classroom in Georgia

Allen told News4Jax she teaches Reading Intervention and that her students don't always want to have an "extra reading class."

"My goal is to make it a space where the students want to be, even if the content we are covering isn't something they want to do," Allen said. 

She said she loves Harry Potter and wants her students to know that it is okay to be different.

"Be who you are and be proud!" Allen said. 

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