Glynn County school district wants to ban bullies with smartphone app

"STOPit" app allows students to report bullying anonymously

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. – Students are kicking off a new school year in Glynn County, Georgia. Sadly, like many school districts, bullying is one issue they will likely face.

WalletHub recently listed Georgia as one of the worst states for bullying. An issue Glynn County is working to fix.

Over the years, News4Jax has spoken to parents in Southeast Georgia who said bullying was one of their main concerns. 

That's why the Glynn County school district wants to be proactive. Sung Hui Lewis is the district's assistant superintendent for teaching and learning. 

"A safe environment is our number one priority," Lewis said. "If we can't make your children feel safe, then they're not going to learn."

Lewis said one of the main goals is for students to feel comfortable reporting the problem. The "STOPit" app became available to students last semester. It is a tool for this new school year. 

The app is free to download. It allows for students to report problems with bullying, hazing, inappropriate online behavior, etc. Students can use it without giving their name.

Once the report comes in, Lewis said, intervention is available for the student being bullied, and the student who is the bully. 

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