Florida deputies find raccoon raiding school vending machine

'This gentleman was apprehended today while committing a burglary,' deputies say

Photos: Volusia County Sheriff's Office

DELTONA, Fla. – This might be the most adorable burglary we’ve ever seen: a raccoon was “apprehended” while raiding a vending machine at a Central Florida high school.

It happened sometime Wednesday at Pine Ridge High School in Deltona, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, which shared images and video of the incident on its Facebook page.

Apparently tempted by the fruit snacks waiting inside, the critter somehow found its way into the vending machine but then could not figure out how to escape with the loot.

Deputies called animal control and wheeled the machine outside. Once the door was open, the raccoon decided no treat tasted as sweet as freedom and scrambled away.

Raccoon release 8/14/19

Here's the moment our vending machine raccoon buddy got his freedom. Thanks Deputy Danny Clifton, Deltona Animal Control Officer Marion Quinones and Pine Ridge High School Guardian Greg McWhorter!

Posted by Volusia Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

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