Bail bondswoman, ex-corrections deputy charged with armed trespassing

Pair accused of busting into wrong house in June

PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. – A Putnam County bail bondswoman and her co-worker, who was previously a corrections deputy, are charged with armed trespassing after investigators said they busted into the wrong house in Putnam County in June. 

Donna Jaquith, 60, of San Mateo, and Eric William Greaner, 45, of Palatka, turned themselves in Tuesday to the St. Johns County jail after warrants were issued for their arrests, the Putnam County Sheriff's Office announced Wednesday. 

According to an offense report, Jaquith and Greaner were looking for a woman who allegedly jumped bail. The report stated the bond agents received information that she lived at a home in Putnam County. According to investigators, on the night they showed up the home, Greaner knocked out a bedroom window air conditioner unit, which almost hit a 3-year-old child, before kicking in the back door with his gun drawn and yelling, "fugitive recovery." That’s when investigators said Jaquith pushed passed a man at the door and entered the home without the man’s permission. The report also stated that after Jaquith finished her search, Greaner went inside and then broke the bathroom door off its hinges to look for the woman.

But the woman they were looking for no longer resided there, investigators said. According to the Sheriff's Office, she and the man who does live at the house were in the middle of a custody battle. The man said he hadn't seen his child's mother since February or March. 

Charges were forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office for the 7th Judicial Circuit. On Tuesday, arrest warrants were issued for Jaquith and Greaner, and the pair turned themselves into the St. Johns County jail. Each were later released on a $2,500 bond each, the Sheriff's Office said.

If convicted on the third-degree felony charge, they could each face up to five years in prison along with five years probation. 

Greaner is a former Putnam County Sheriff’s Office corrections deputy, which is why his booking photo was not released. According to the Sheriff's Office, He resigned prior to an internal affairs investigation in April 2017. In 2006, Greaner was demoted from sergeant to corrections deputy with loss of pay following an internal affairs investigation, the Sheriff's Office said.

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