A-meow-zing! Firefighters rescue kitten trapped in engine


JONESVILLE, Fla. – Some Alachua County firefighters had a fur-tunate meeting Tuesday morning at a Jonesville Publix.

The Engine 24, C-shift crew was picking up some groceries when a woman asked them for help to avert a cat-astrophe.

She said her kitten had crawled into the engine compartment of her van and couldn't claw his way out.

The Alachau County Fire Rescue crew are no scaredy-cats. They jumped right in to action.

The team removed some trim parts and then pulled the kitten free. (We won't count this incident against its nine lives.)

The fur baby was returned to its grateful owner for a much-needed cat nap after all the excitement.

"Another example of our crews responding to any and all of life's emergencies," Alachua County Fire Rescue wrote in a Facebook post. "Great job guys."

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