Chinese national held on federal gun charges asks for bond

Lawyer argues there is zero allegation of a national security issue


BAKER COUNTY, Fla. – The attorney for a Chinese businessman charged with conspiracy to violate U.S. firearms and export laws is asking a judge to set a bond.

Ge Song Tao is currently being held without bond at the Baker County Detention Center.

He's accused in the federal case that also led to the arrest of Navy Lt. Fan Yang and his wife Yang Yang, along with another Chinese national.

Ge's lawyer said there is "Zero allegation...of a national security issue in the conduct of Mr. Ge."

In the motion, the lawyer argues the charges against Ge are the result of a single recorded conversation between the Yangs.

"The government has boot-strapped its entire case allowing it to cast the entire business transaction into something sinister-sounding...to create angst in this country," the lawyer states.

The lawyer says it would make no sense for Ge to flee to China, because that would trigger a Red Notice from Interpol, which would restrict Ge from leaving China to conduct business.

Ge's lawyer suggested a surety bond of $500,000, with house arrest with GPS monitoring in Jacksonville.

Ge would surrender his passport,and sign a worldwide waiver of extradition. There's been no response from the government.

The Yangs and the fourth person charged in the case, Zheng Yan, are also being held without bond.