Abandoned puppy with extra tail on his head rescued

Meet Narwhal
Meet Narwhal (Mac the pitbull)

A 10-week-old puppy in Missouri has gone viral on social media for his unique "unicorn" look. 

The puppy, named Narwhal, has a tail growing from his head. 

A staff member at Mac's Mission in Missouri found the adorable little guy wandering outside in the freezing cold with another, older dog last week, Unilad reports

That's when they noticed his special "magical unicorn" feature. 

Narwhal was taken to the vet where he had a great check-up! He was completely healthy other than some usual puppy worms that he received medicine for. 

"Narwhal is doing GREAT also and is one super happy little guy!" a post said. 

Not the main question on everyone's mind: DOES THE TAIL WAG?!? 

Unfortunately, the second tail doesn't wag. The tail is not attached and does not move. 

He also has a very normal, regular dog, tail, if you were wondering. So he has two tails! 

The tail will not be removed unless there is a reason for it to be removed later. 

"The unicorn face tail does not bother Narwhal, and he never slows down just like any normal puppy." 

He is not up for adoption quite yet. The mission wants to make sure he grows a little more. 

Enjoy more photos below! 

Our Narwhal magical unicorn puppy has had so many great people checking in on him this morning. Here is what his normal routine is: being a puppy. BOL!! Love, MacKeeperOfTheUnicorns

Posted by Mac the pitbull on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The million dollar question about Narwhals extra tail on his face. Is it connected and does it wag? The extra tail is...

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Guess what Magical Unicorn Narwhal Puppy has a vet appointment for xrays today? Well since we only know of one magical unicorn narwhal puppy we maybe gave too much for this to be a tricky question... BOL!!! We think he appreciates not being outside in this terrible freezing snow mess. Love, MacKeeperOfUnicorns

Posted by Mac the pitbull on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Someone is not super thrilled about the vet. I tried telling Narwhal it wasn’t scary to get xrays. Love, MacaroniBigBro

Posted by Mac the pitbull on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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