Taylor Rose Williams' mother has been arrested. What could be next?

Crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson weighs in on Brianna Williams' arrest

Now that Brianna Williams is facing charges in her own daughter's disappearance, what happens next? Insight on what we can expect as this case moves forward.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Following the discovery of human remains in the search for Taylor Rose Williams, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams on Tuesday announced the arrest of the 5-year-old's mother, Brianna Williams.

The missing girl's mother was absentee booked on charges of child neglect and giving false information to investigators in the search for her daughter. Brianna Williams, the sheriff said, was flown earlier in the day from Naval Air Station Jacksonville to UF Health hospital to be treated after either overdosing or ingesting an unknown substance.

"Security was surrounding her as she was rolled into the hospital," Jefferson said. "They will put a police hold on her even though she's hospitalized. She's just there for medical treatment. She cannot go anywhere. She can't be released on her own."

The remains, which were discovered in Alabama, might be of the missing girl, the sheriff said.

"Hopefully the medical examiner's report will shed some light on that, because they're going to make a determination on the manner and the cause of death," Jefferson said.

Investigators will also determine where the homicide occurred, Jefferson said.

"If it happened in Alabama, Alabama has to investigate." he said. "But if it's the other way around, JSO (Jacksonville Sheriff's Office) will be the primary."

According to Jefferson, Brianna Williams will be immediately transported to the jail after she's released from the hospital. She will then go before a judge.

A first appearance was scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday, but at 11 a.m., police confirmed Brianna Williams was still in the hospital and would not be making an appearance in court Wednesday.

"They'll have a bond hearing," Jefferson said. "I think it would be determined that she's a flight risk, so, either her bond will be set really high or she'll receive no bond at all."

Jefferson said good work by police and support from the Jacksonville community are both reasons for fast developments in the case of the missing girl.

"You had hundreds of officers out the very first day looking for this 5-year-old. You had strangers looking for this 5-year-old. You had everybody and their mother out looking," Jefferson said. "It's just good police work with all of the agencies."

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