Men arrested in Town Center jewelry store robbery suspected in 30 other robberies

4 men arrested after an attempted robbery at Jared jewelry store were involved in robberies around the country, prosecutors say

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Four suspects arrested after an attempted robbery at the Jared jewelry store at the St. Johns Town Center in June were involved in more than 30 robberies in 11 states, according to a federal indictment.

The four suspects arrested after the attempted robbery at the Town Center were among 10 men, led by “mastermind” Darell Reed, who are accused of pulling off smash-and-grab robberies at Jared stores in 11 states since August of 2018, according to federal prosecutors.

In a May 2019 robbery believed to be connected to the suspects, two men made off with about $230,000 in diamonds at a jewelry store in Baton Rouge, La.

The indictment also gives details about how the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office knew the four men would be targeting the Jacksonville store June 11.

Acting on an anonymous tip, the FBI got a warrant to tape the phone of Deven Newby.

Newby’s phone history placed him at several of the robberies in other states, where he is accused of acting as the getaway driver. When the FBI saw that Newby was in Jacksonville, they alerted JSO and SWAT set up surveillance and told Jared’s employees what was likely in the works.

When one of the suspects showed up at the store, the doors had been locked, but an employee opened a door when the suspect asked to use the bathroom, according to the indictment.

The other two then burst in and demanded key to the showcases, surveillance video shows. That’s when JSO moved in and quickly arrested John Davis, 29, Tristian Murphy, 30, and Delano Ross, 28.

Newby fled north on I-95 but was eventually arrested by Camden County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Ross served time for armed robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon and gun charges and was released from prison in March. Davis served time for home invasion and gun charges. He got out of prison in May 2018.

All suspects are currently in federal custody and being held without bond. They are charged with conspiracy to interfere with commerce by threat or violence.