Fired JSO officer wants his job back after charges dropped

Former corrections officer Jarvis Brannon also wants a public apology

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A former JSO correctional officer wants his job back after being fired.

Jarvis Brannon also wants a public apology after the charges he said got him fired were dropped.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Brannon got into an argument with his pregnant girlfriend and pushed her.

Brannon has always said he was innocent.

Following the accusations, JSO Director of Personnel Tom Hackney had strong words for Brannon during a news conference.

“A person that decides to do this, whether they are an employee or not, in my opinion, is a slimy salamander that truly does not deserve to breathe the same air out in freedom like we do,” Hackney said.

Now, that the charges have been dropped, Brannon said JSO will not rehire him. He said he is still being treated like a criminal. JSO said Brannon resigned.

Brannon told News4Jax he was doing well working as a Corrections Officer at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office before he was accused of pushing his former girlfriend.

“I know I didn’t do it so I didn’t put too much pressure because I knew I didn’t do that’s why it got dropped so fast,” he said.

The incident happened June 28 and court documents show the charge was dropped August 28.

“I tried plenty of times. I called the academy and the undersheriff himself,” Brannon said.

So Brannon began researching how many other corrections officers were accused of a crime with charges that were later dropped.

According to Brannon, JSO sent him a response that said “our office has located no records which are responsible to your request.”

JSO then sent Brannon a letter saying the accusations were sustained, he said. Now he wants to know why they would do this if the charge was dropped.

“I want a public apology from the director I want a public apology,” he said.

Brannon said he wishes that he could get his job back but will continue serving in the U. S. Army.

Brannon will be deployed to Kuwait later this week.

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