Mother meets baby for 1st time after giving birth while fighting COVID

Carrie Summerset was diagnosed with COVID-19 while she was pregnant. Due to her deteriorating health, she had to give birth at just 29 weeks to her baby boy. She met her son, Payton 34 days after his birth as she recovered from her fight with COVID-19.

Being pregnant is challenging for any woman’s body, but imagine being pregnant while fighting COVID-19.

In early August, Carrie Summerset was diagnosed with COVID-19. Her health deteriorated. One week later, she had respiratory failure — while pregnant.

Summerset had to give birth to her baby birth at 29 weeks, instead of the full 40 weeks.

She was unable to see him at first, as she was intubated and in the intensive care unit for more than one month.

Thirty-four days after he was born, they met for the first time. His name is Payton.

It was described as a miracle that they both survived.

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