Coronavirus: Florida supplies 32,000 laptops to rural school districts

Commissioner Corcoran says laptops are intended to help low-income families

File photo
File photo

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida is delivering more than 32,000 laptops to school districts throughout the state in an effort to keep up with the demand from students now learning from home.

The 32,614 laptop computers are being routed to 34 mostly small, rural school districts as well as the Florida A&M University Developmental Research School, the governor’s office said.

According to the statement, the computers are being given to low-income families based on needs identified when the state shifted last month to distance learning.

“Florida is truly raising the bar for distance learning,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said.

Students and teachers have been ordered to work remotely as part of the state’s effort to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, a contagious and potentially deadly virus.

Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran said the distribution of these laptops is yet another demonstration of Florida’s commitment to closing the achievement gap.

Corcoran said in part that he is “grateful to support these students in districts that lacked the resources to fully equip their students and teachers for success.”

To learn more about the Department of Education’s efforts, visit the state agency’s website.