Florida encourages residents to avoid ‘Three Cs’ to help prevent spread of coronavirus

Florida Department of Health: Avoid the 'Three Cs'
Florida Department of Health: Avoid the 'Three Cs' (Florida Department of Health)

The Florida Department of Health has put out a public service announcement asking residents to remember the “Three Cs” to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The “Three Cs” that the health department said you should avoid are:

  • Closed spaces with poor ventilation
  • Crowded places with many people nearby
  • Close-contact settings, such as close-range conversation

“In Florida, you know, it’s hot, but the sunshine, heat and humidity is your friend. When you’re in an enclosed space, particularly if you don’t have social distancing, it’s like a private party or something like that and you’re cramped in with bad ventilation, you’re going to have a more spread. Also, just crowded places generally when there are many people nearby. And in close-contact settings, if you get right in someone’s face or having a conversation, you actually can transmit the virus,” DeSantis said at a news conference Wednesday.

The health department said people should follow those rules, along with wearing a mask, disinfecting surfaces, washing your hands and staying home if your sick or have symptoms.

The governor also reminded people who are 65 or older and people who have serious underlying medical conditions to continue being diligent about avoiding crowds and avoiding a lot of contact outside the home, particularly with younger adults.

“What we’re seeing in Florida is really rapid transmission in that 18 to 34 group, and you’re seeing a lot of cases come up, and granted they weren’t being tested at this level a couple months ago, but I also think they’re testing positive at a higher, higher rate,” DeSantis said. “So clearly you have a lot of spread there.”

On Wednesday, the state Department of Health reported a new record-high number of COVID-19 cases in Florida. More than 5,500 positive tests were reported Wednesday morning, shattering the previous one-day record and bringing the statewide total to 109,014. The previous record for cases reported in one day was 4,149.

Duval County reported 217 new cases, also a one-day high, though it’s important to note that all of the positive tests reported Wednesday by the state were not necessarily taken on the same day.