FSU Student Senate may oust 2nd president this month

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Over the last three weeks, two student senators at Florida State University have come under fire for making disparaging remarks about racial groups.

The Student Senate at FSU voted June 5 to remove its president for statements he made about Black Lives Matter. Now his replacement is under fire for antisemitic beliefs.

FSU’s current Student Senate President Ahmad Daraldik grew up in Palestine. He’s now being criticized for likening Israel to Nazi Germany.

“Will not allow racist Israeli policies to commit those same crimes against my people,” said Daraldik in a video posted on YouTube.

His words may be the first test of antisemitic legislation approved last year by the Florida Legislature and signed by the governor during a trip to Israel.

“What it simply says is that antisemitic conduct, speech, behaviors, etcetera, have to be treated in an identical manner as racist speech and conduct,” said Rep. Randy Fine, sponsor of the legislation.

In an email, FSU said it investigates all complaints, and that student conduct and disciplinary matters are protected by federal and state privacy laws.

The Student Senate voted 19-16 last week to remove Daraldik but the vote fell short of the needed two-thirds majority. It will vote again Tuesday.