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Another 4 Florida inmates die of COVID-19

Prison bars background
Prison bars background (WJXT)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Another four Florida prison inmates have died of COVID-19, bringing the inmate death toll to 111, according to numbers released Tuesday by the state Department of Corrections.

The information, as is common, did not disclose when or where the inmates died. But a state tally Friday showed 107 inmate deaths.

The highly contagious virus has raced through Florida’s prison system, with 15,672 inmates and 2,718 corrections workers testing positive as of Tuesday.

The prisons with the largest numbers of inmate cases since the pandemic started are Columbia Correctional Institution, with 1,338; Lowell Correctional Institution, with 1,003; Mayo Annex, with 954; Suwannee Correctional Institution, with 818; Santa Rosa Correctional Institution, with 808; and Century Correctional Institution, with 771.