3 weeks before Election Day, nearly 1.8 million Floridians have voted

Nearly 1.8 million Floridians had voted by mail as of Tuesday morning -- three weeks out from Election Day -- and half of the ballots have come in were from Democrats, according to the state Division of Elections.

Voters had cast 1,782,663 mail-in ballots, with 905,065 by Democrats and 520,712 by Republicans. Another 336,768 ballots had been cast by unaffiliated voters, while third-party voters had cast 20,118. That represents 12% of all registered voters in Florida.

Another 3.8 million ballots have been mailed to voters who requested them but not yet returned. People can request mail ballots through Oct. 24 and must return them by 7 p.m. Nov. 3.

Mail-in voting has drawn heavy attention this year amid the coronavirus pandemic. Elections supervisors also will begin opening early-voting sites next week as another way to cast ballots before Election Day.

Voting by mail in Florida