Demonstration at Florida Capitol remains peaceful

TALLAHASSEE – Threats of a large protest and violent counter demonstrators on Inauguration Day didn’t materialize at the Florida Capitol on Wednesday.

Just a few people came to have their voices heard peacefully. Troopers were stationed under the Capitol, police drones were in the air, the National Guard was on the Capitol’s roof and spotters were on nearby buildings.

Len Murray drove in from Ft. Lauderdale, motivated by the riot at the U.S. Capitol two weeks ago.

“We’ve got to heal the nation. We’ve got accept the election. It’s been tried in the courts,” said Murray, who described himself as an Independent.

“If violence breaks out, I’m going home,” said Robert Allen, a demonstrator who drove from Brandon to the Capitol.

Trump supporters Earl and Susie Austin made the drive from Jacksonville.

“And we’re just trying to make a little bit of protest over the way the elections were ran, how poorly it was done,” said Earl Austin.

Also from Jacksonville, Jamie Fucito, a retired Navy veteran.

“Just wanted to see how many patriots would show up,” said Fucito.

Two women from St. Augustine came dressed as angels. They sang Amazing Grace, promoting peace not politics on their agenda.

“God told us to come today,” said one of the women, who called herself Angel Paula.