Florida’s Gulf recreational red snapper quota met; no fall season

File photo - Corey Luter holds a red snapper.

Florida’s recreational red snapper quota in Gulf state and federal waters was met during the June 4 through July 28 open season, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced Friday.

The 55-day summer Gulf red snapper season this year was the longest summer season for Florida since FWC was delegated the ability to set the season for private recreational anglers in Gulf federal waters off Florida by the federal government. FWC said that this season was chosen to maximize harvest opportunities during summer, which is when red snapper fishing is most popular, and to allow as much of Florida’s 2021 quota to be harvested as possible.

Since FWC cannot allow recreational harvest of Gulf red snapper once Florida’s quota has been reached, Gulf red snapper harvest will not reopen this fall for Florida anglers fishing from private recreational vessels in Gulf state and federal waters or for for-hire operations that are licensed to fish in state waters but are not federally-permitted.

For updates on snapper regulations, visit myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/snappers.