Caught on camera: Video shows Mustang crash into crowd at Sarasota car meet

SARASOTA, Fla. – Video showing a Mustang driver losing control of the vehicle and nearly plowing down several bystanders is circulating on social media and already has tens of thousands of views.

A bystander who shared the video with News4JAX said it all went down during a car meet at a Lamborghini dealership in Sarasota on Friday, January 21 around 7:30 p.m.

The 30-second clip shows a black Mustang pull out from a side street or parking lot and within five seconds takes an unintended sharp turn into a crowd of on-lookers.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office said no one was injured and two citations were issued to the driver of the Mustang.

Complaints about car meets on public property have been growing over the years and appear to be reaching a fever pitch. In Jacksonville, car clubs are known to meet up in large parking lots late at night and do things like peel-outs and race down interstates, sometimes even city streets.

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The activities often leave tire marks and are so loud that residents or nearby drivers can hear them from miles away. Jacksonville car meets are known to sometimes include extremely dangerous behavior.

In August, a 21-year-old was arrested on multiple charges including DUI and not having a driver’s license after police said he hit cars and ran into a group of people during a “park and chill” in Arlington.

But local car clubs like 904 Bandits are speaking out too saying bad apples are ruining the innocent and popular pass-time for responsible drivers and car enthusiasts. 904 Bandits said they would like the city or state to construct a dedicated space for their meet-ups.

Jacksonville leaders told News4JAX that car meet-up participants need to buy their own space.

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