Florida pet store must pay for sick, dying puppies, attorney general says

Petland of Orlando ordered to pay thousands of dollars

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orange County pet store has been ordered to pay $85,000 to consumers after the Florida attorney general’s office said customers were deceived and sold sick or dying puppies, News4JAX sister station WKMG-TV News 6 reports.

Petland has already paid $123,000 in refunds to customers. This puts the total dollar amount for monetary relief for customers at $200,000.

“We’re obviously very pleased that more money is going to be available for the victims of Petland and any pet store that has sold sick animals to the public,” said Bryan Wilson, Central Florida coordinator for the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida.

Wilson said they are glad Attorney General Ashley Moody has continued efforts to get more money for families who purchased the puppies.

Last week, Moody said Petland misrepresented the health and quality of the puppies sold, dishonored pet warranties and violated parts of Florida’s Pet Lemon Law.

“The public buys these animals not knowing they come from puppy mills,” Wilson said. “These large-scale breeding operations with animals frequently have genetic defects, are sick animals being sold to the unsuspecting public many times for thousands of dollars.”

On top of the $85,000 that was just announced, a consent final judgment was entered on Dec. 15 resolving the Consumer Protection Division’s investigation and subsequent litigation related to Petland Orlando East run by Hoof’s Pets.

The consent final judgment bans the store and its owners from selling or offering for sale any puppy that is known to be ill, diseased or have any disorder; Making false statements or misrepresentations about a puppy’s health, purebred status, registrability with the American Kennel Club, purchase price or other deceptive conduct; Failing to provide consumers with all requisite documentation related to puppy purchases; and providing any warranty to consumers that contains any deceptive or misleading term.

News 6 has reached out to both Petland and Hoof’s Pets for comment and has yet to hear back.

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