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FTC: Company marketing fuel saving cards lied to customers

Georgia-based company bilked customers out of hundreds of millions, feds say

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We all like saving money at the pump, but the Federal Trade Commission warned drivers they shouldn’t do that through FleetCor Technology.

The FTC said the Georgia-based company scammed customers out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The business is behind the Fuelman Diesel Platinum Fleetcard, which is marketed for savings, but in most cases it ended up costing drivers more money.

The FTC alleges that despite FleetCor’s claims that businesses using its fuel cards would achieve specific per-gallon savings, FleetCor’s own data show that these customers have saved, on average, less than a penny per gallon -- way below what’s marketed. And that’s not taking into account FleetCor’s hefty unexpected fees.

The FTC alleges that when customers complain to FleetCor and are successful in getting one fee removed, in many instances, FleetCor simply swapped it out for a different unexpected fee.

Some of those fees are never mentioned anywhere in the agreements. And the ones that are, are in dense blocks of fine print in hard-to-read and hard-to-understand Terms and Conditions sections.

A case against FleetCor is currently pending in federal court in Georgia. If FleetCor is found guilty of these accusations, the company could have to pay a fine that customers may benefit from.