Perfect Rack: Deal reached to reopen businesses affected by fence

Billiards hall plans to reopen doors & kitchen Saturday


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Perfect Rack Billiards, the Murray Hill billiards hall that was forced closed due to a fire code violation, says it will reopen its doors after reaching an agreement with Goin’ Coastal Properties.

The terms of the agreement were not immediately clear, but according to a Facebook post Friday by Perfect Rack, the four properties that received cease and desist orders will be reopening. The orders were issued due to the businesses not having secondary exits.

Before receiving an order from the fire marshal, Perfect Rack said it was forced to close its kitchen because of a fence that was put up by Sleiman Enterprises. It said the fence blocked access to its dumpster, and that waste could not be collected.

The billiards hall said the fence was also to blame for the business no longer having a secondary exit.

Perfect Rack said it has a plan in place and is ready to reopen its doors. The billiards hall said it will be reopening its doors Saturday at 5 p.m., along with its kitchen.

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