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Woman says she collided with St. Johns County DUI suspect in deadly 2007 crash

Woman says she collided with St. Johns County DUI suspect in deadly 2007 crash
Woman says she collided with St. Johns County DUI suspect in deadly 2007 crash

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Staci Anderson says after some 13 years, she’s still dealing with the physical and mental pain she suffered as a result of a crash that involved Jamie Klapatch.

Early Monday, Klapatch, 30, was booked into the St. Johns County jail after she was arrested and charged with DUI. Investigators said in 2007, Anderson’s car collided with Klapatch’s car as Klapatch was leaving the scene of another crash.

The crash killed 17-year-old Haley Moore, Klapatch’s passenger.

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In 2007, Klapatch was only convicted of leaving the scene of the first crash and only cited for failing to yield the right of way when she entered the intersection of Atlantic and Mayfair Road where she was hit by Anderson’s car. She was never convicted of charges after the death of her passenger.

Anderson said she saw the News4Jax report on the DUI arrest of Klapatch, which included details about a previous DUI conviction in 2015.

“I found myself in tears," Anderson said.

She said Moore’s death has haunted her for years.

“I felt that somehow I was responsible, even though I cognitively knew that I wasn’t," Anderson said.

Anderson said she suffered injuries to her back, knees, hands and shoulders. She said she wasn’t able to drive for five years.

According to Anderson, injuries from the crash ultimately ended her career as a nurse. When asked what she would do if she ever had a chance to meet Klapatch, she responded:

“I would more than likely, after I took a deep breath, slap her to be honest with you," Anderson said. "Upset enough that if I we’re not the person I chose to be, I’d want to beat her into a pulp.”

Haley Moore’s mother speaks out

Police said at the time of the fatal crash in 2007, Klapatch didn’t have alcohol in her system, but she tested positive for drugs. Although records show Klapatch was convicted in 2015 for DUI, Moore’s mother, Vickie Moore, said she has been monitoring jail logs for the last 13 years since her daughter’s death, and she claims Klapatch has had multiple DUI arrests.+

Mother of crash victim speaks out
Mother of crash victim speaks out

“How she keeps getting off and they let her back on the road is beyond me. I don’t understand it. There’s been several records that have either been expunged or sealed that you now cannot pull up of the DUIs." Vickie Moore said.

News4Jax cannot confirm Vickie Moore’s claims because we are only able to see what has been documented online through the clerk of courts. Vickie Moore and others who are close to the investigation say Klatpach has avoided prison.

“I do know that her family has a lot of clout in the city of Jacksonville. They know a lot of important people," Vickie Moore said.

The mother said she’s still seeking justice for her daughter’s death.

“I don’t think we got the justice that we should have gotten," Vickie Moore said.

Klapatch is scheduled to appear in court next Wednesday on the DUI arrest. Vickie Moore said she and her family plan to attend.

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