Dumpsters at Arlington condo complex not emptied for weeks

Residents frustrated complaints were not answered

(Ray Hannah/WJXT)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Trash at Les Chateau Condominiums continued to pile up Wednesday and residents of the complex say their calls and questions about why the dumpsters are not being emptied go unanswered.

Several dumpsters of the property along the Arlington Expressway east of Arlington Road are overflowing with piles of trash.

“It just stinks, you know," said Daryl Williams, who has lived at the complex since August.

Williams said conditions all around the property are deteriorating, but the immediate problem is the piles of garbage and waste.

“I think it’s been six weeks since we had any trash pick-up out here and I don’t know when it’s going to come," Williams said.

Residents say trash the dumpers in the complex haven't been emptied for weeks. (Ray Hannah/WJXT)

The door of the property management office was unlocked, but no one was inside when News4Jax went to ask questions.

Neighbors directed us to Michael Moore, president of their tenants’ association. Reached by phone, Moore said the garbage service told him their trucks are broken but refused to comment further.

A representative of Advance Disposal, the garbage service, told News4Jax the complex was behind on its bill and released this statement late Wednesday:

“The property has been on ‘stop service’ since January 17, 2020, as a result of an overdue balance owed. We have been in contact with the property owners/management company and a payment was made today and service will resume tomorrow. The property has four dumpsters that we service two times per week, so it will take a little while for us to get completely caught up, but we will get it done. We sincerely appreciate our customers’ business and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused for the residents at this property.”

Those who live at the condos just hope the issues are resolved and that someone picks up their garbage soon.