Former Jaguars player opening coffee shop in Avondale

Arrelious Benn and his wife, Mariel
Arrelious Benn and his wife, Mariel (Courtesy of Katie Garwood/Jacksonville Daily Record)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A former Jaguars player is kicking off life after football by opening a coffee shop in Avondale.

Arrelious Benn and his wife, Mariel, plan to open Social House Coffee in a 700-square-foot space near Herschel Street and Irvington Avenue later this month, according to the Jacksonville Daily Record.

As the Daily Record reports, the couple’s business venture stems from their love of coffee. It was a logical next step for Benn, who pursued his MBA at the University of Miami during his offseasons.

“I knew I can’t play football forever,” Benn told the newspaper. “I was always trying to learn outside of my craft with football. And I knew I wanted to open up a business.”

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