Thousands of Jacksonville teachers start training on new online learning system

Duval County students and teachers prepare for the new normal as coronavirus takes hold

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The plan, starting Monday, is that all Duval County public school students will be able to start learning remotely as schools remain closed due to the new coronavirus outbreak.

“Monday will be a new day for all of us and so patience and flexibility will be the virtues that we will all be bringing with us to school on Monday,” said Tracy Pierce Duval County Public Schools Chief of Marketing and Public Relations.

And already it’s a new adventure for teachers.

On Friday, just days before launching, thousands underwent training to help get Duval Homeroom, the name for the district’s new online system, up and running.

Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene acknowledged it is a new way of learning but stressed that there is nothing to be afraid of.

“We encourage parents to connect with the teacher," Greene said. "The teacher has the capability of talking to the students, if they have the audio capability on their laptop, which if they’re receiving it from the district, they will have that capability.”

And, she says, teachers, guidance counselors and deans will be reaching out, even calling students.

“Our goal is to talk to every single student sometime next week.. to find out if they’re doing okay. If there’s something they need,” Greene said.

That goes for elementary age students all the way up to graduating seniors.

“We want to ensure that our seniors have every opportunity to graduate on time, which, with the cancellation of state assessments all they need to have for this year for graduation is a 2.0 GPA and 24 credits,” Greene said.

That’s why it’s critical students log into their courses through Duval Homeroom and keep up with their courses.

Dr. Greene said the Duval Homeroom website will open Sunday evening and can be found at Dcps.duvalschools.org. Just go to the district website, find the Duval Homeroom banner and then go to the grade level of the student.

For elementary students who do not have access to a laptop, the district will be distributing educational packets. High schoolers in need of laptops will be given access starting this weekend.

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