JFRD fire engine accidentally hits child in Jacksonville Heights

Neighbor caught the tragic collision on surveillance video

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Neighbors in the Oak Hill Park area of Jacksonville Heights captured on surveillance footage the moment a girl was hit by a Jacksonville Fire and Rescue truck Saturday moments after it pulled out of Station 31 on Hillman Drive.

A resident in the area told News4Jax the girl got spooked by a neighbor’s dog and ran out into the street. That’s when the fire truck hit her.

The neighbor did not want to be identified but said the truck had its lights on but no siren.

“I guess he was coming up and neither one of them seen each other, so I don’t wanna say it was his fault or anything but he tried to swerve but didn’t,” the neighbor said.

A family friend could not say much about the little girl’s condition but said that she was alive.

JFRD Spokesperson Eric Prosswimmer said he cannot comment on the incident as it was an active Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office investigation.

Jacksonville police have not commented on the accident.

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