Employee of Walgreens on Jacksonville’s Westside tests positive for COVID-19

The employee has not been to work for nearly a month but Walgreens did not know about the case until a week ago.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An employee who works at a Jacksonville Walgreens store has tested positive for COVID-19.

Walgreens said the employee that tested positive has not been to work for nearly a month but Walgreens did not know about the case until a week ago.

The employee works at a store on Normandy Boulevard.

Patricia Robertson said she comes to the store almost daily but did not know an employee tested positive for the new coronavirus.

“I feel a little unsafe but this store here is pretty hands-on. They usually jump right on it to get it done,” Robertson said.

In an email, Walgreens told News4Jax: Walgreens was notified Monday, March 30 that a team member who works in a Jacksonville, FL store has a confirmed case of COVID-19. The individual has not been in the store since Monday, March 9.

Based on CDC guidance, while all individuals are encouraged to self-observe for symptoms, being in the same indoor environment without close, prolonged contact with a person who is symptomatic and has laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 infection is considered low risk.

Walgreens said following their established protocols and guidance from CDC, they took immediate action to thoroughly clean and disinfect the impacted areas within the store and contacted the county health department.

Despite the concerning information, Robertson said she feels safe shopping at the store and plans to keep coming.

“They work very hard at it they’ve got everyone six feet apart,” she said.

The Mayor’s office responded saying in part:

“We are aware that there have been positive cases for individuals who work in high traffic areas. Stores like Walgreen’s that carry lifesaving medications are considered essential. We deeply appreciate those individuals who continue to work in stores like these providing crucial items to those that need them. In addition, we commend Walgreen’s for taking immediate action when they were notified about this case...We continue to remind citizens that you are “Safer at Home” and to avoid any non-essential trips, when possible. If you must go to a store or business, please follow the CDC recommendations and wear a mask or cloth covering your nose and mouth. Make sure to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after touching items, and stay at least six feet away from other individuals when possible.”

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