Corrine Brown released from prison over coronavirus fears

Ex-congresswoman claimed underlying health conditions put her at risk of dying if she gets COVID-19

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Former congresswoman Corrine Brown was released from prison Wednesday after serving less than half of her five-year sentence after her attorney argued she was especially vulnerable to coronavirus.

News4Jax was told she is on her way to Jacksonville to be with family members.

A prison official at Federal Correctional Institute Coleman speaking on condition of anonymity confirmed that Brown was released at 1:25 p.m. The official told News4Jax that Brown “put a lot of political pressure on” to get released.

Bishop Kelvin, of Cobaris Ministries International, who was with Brown the day she reported to prison, said he and everyone who cared for Brown is relieved that she is out.

“It was a great concern of her and her family, of course, all of us, that she was there, in the Coleman facility during this time," Kelvin said. “It was very unsettling because, of course, of her age.”

Orlando real estate mogul John Crossman said Brown had just left prison and was on her way home when she called him. He’s called Brown a friend for years. They met through the scholarship he and his family created for predominantly black colleges. Crossman was concerned for her health.

“Physically, she didn’t move much. I’ve been around people that are elderly and sometimes they stay really still, and that’s because they’re dealing with some health issues, and so she was very sedentary, she was very still,” Crossman said.

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