Some Jacksonville residents run into issues when applying for stimulus

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – More than half of the available appointments for Jacksonville residents applying for stimulus had been booked as of Friday evening.

One woman, who spoke to News4Jax on condition of anonymity, said she came across an issue when she tried to help her friend enroll.

“It showed that he already has an appointment," the woman said.

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The website said that the address they entered was in use, but the woman said her friend had not already completed an application after asking him. She said her friend has been living alone at his apartment for about a month.

“I said, ‘OK. Well, apparently somebody used your address because it says you already have an appointment,'" she told News4Jax.

City leaders said they have received less than 10 complaints of people finding appointments were already booked with their address.

According to the city’s stimulus guidelines, each household that earns under $75,000 and has documentation that they’ve taken a 25% income loss due to the coronavirus can apply to get the $1,000 stimulus. A total of 40,000 households are eligible to receive it.

A spokesperson said the city is looking into the issue and mentioned that if you live in an apartment to double check that you enter an apartment number if you’re an applicant.

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