Working from home has had positive effect on productivity, survey says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After many Florida businesses closed offices, some people have been working non-stop from home.

According to a new survey from LinkedIn and USA Today, working from home has had a positive effect on productivity during the pandemic.

News4Jax talked to several people in person and online and they agreed on one thing — convenience.

As millions of people are jobless, others can only work from home.

But a new survey says working from home might make getting the job done easier.

Catherine Gibbs works from home.

“I like it. I haven’t lost any productivity because I try to really discipline myself. I stay at my table,” Gibbs said. “I just try to keep my normal work schedule at home to where I don’t lose productivity.”

According to the survey, some people enjoy working from home but they also miss socializing with others.

“Most survey respondents (51%) feel lonely working from home, with 20% feeling lonely all or most of the time. Roughly two-thirds say their primary source of human interaction right now is their immediate family,” the survey found.

And whether people are working casually in the park or at home, they say it’s less stressful.

Here’s what some people said on the News4Jax Facebook page:

  • “I am working from home and don’t like it”
  • "I absolutely love it... I never want to go back to the office."
  • “I love the commute but I miss my colleagues.”

Whether you’re enjoying working from home or not, the way you think about a workspace could be changed forever.

If you can’t be around your co-workers, try to increase your social time through your virtual time. One example is a video conferencing app on your phone or social media.

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