How Jacksonville woman paid her mortgage using city-issued card

Mary Hunter passes along what she learned after her payment card worth $1,000 was initially denied

How Jacksonville woman paid her mortgage using city-issued card
How Jacksonville woman paid her mortgage using city-issued card

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you haven’t picked up your $1,000 stimulus payment, you don’t have to worry about long lines anymore, but if you want to pay your rent or mortgage with it, it’s going to take you a few extra steps.

Last week, News4Jax received multiple emails from viewers who said their payment cards were denied when they tried to use them at certain banks or credit unions. But News4Jax looked into this problem and got results for one woman, who now wants to pass along what she learned.

To say Mary Hunter is relieved that mortgage is paid this month would be an understatement. When News4Jax first met Hunter last week, she was in tears after her city-issued payment card was denied at PNC bank.

“When I went to pay my mortgage, the bank that services my mortgage told me they do not take credit cards and cannot accept federal money on a credit card," Hunter said.

News4Jax reached out to the city and received a statement saying the city knows this could happen, but wanted to get the money in people’s hands as fast as possible amid the coronavirus pandemic. News4Jax also reached out to Hunter’s bank to see whether there was anything that could be done.

“They did reach out to me and they were extremely helpful,” Hunter said.

This is what PNC bank came up with to get Hunter’s mortgage paid. Hunter:

  • Activated her card.
  • Contacted MetaBank Customer Service, which issues prepaid cards, at 1-833-848-5768.
  • Got her routing and account number.
  • Gave that information to PNC bank.

And her mortgage was paid.

Hunter said you should have no problems from there.

“Very easy," she said.

It’s important to point out these are not recommendations from the city. These are recommendations from someone who has used it and saw it work.

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