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Fake support group for men who killed jogger created ‘to inflame racial and religious tensions’

Greg and Travis McMichael

SATILLA SHORES, Ga. – A group which emerged under the name “Justice for Travis and Greg McMichael” is fake.

The group which operated under the name Christians Against Google, changed its page name to Justice for Gregory and Travis McMichael, just hours after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrested the two men for the fatal shooting of an unarmed jogger, Ahmaud Arbery.

The image was visible to anyone who clicked on the group’s public page and perused the posts of “Christians against Google.”

The existence of group enraged many. The battle between users who actually supported the McMichaels and the users seeking justice for Arbery, took over the page.

A WordPress blogger detailed his search and discoveries of the origins of the group on his website, Shenvi Apologetics. The following is an excerpt.

“Justice for Gregory and Travis McMichael” was created (or -more accurately- renamed) to poke fun at racist Christians and to inflame racial tensions. When it was started in 2017, the group was called “Christians Against Google” and parodied fundamentalists trying to bring down “Satanic” Google with prayer. Its small following reacted to these posts with laughter, recognizing them to be parodies.”

The group appears to have been shut down as of Sunday morning, but not before it gained more than 110,000 followers.

News4Jax reached out to the page’s admin and Facebook for comment.

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