Baptist Health using thermal cameras to screen hospital visitors

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Baptist Health is now using thermal technology to screen people who walk in to their hospitals.

Jay Farhat is in charge of safety and security at Baptist Health. He said the cameras are set up at the hospital’s busiest entrances at three of it’s campuses, including the location in Downtown Jacksonville

“At our high volume locations, we wanted a system that would be less intrusive and get people through more quickly and efficiently,” Farhat said.

As employees, patients and visitors walk in, the camera detects their body heat. Screeners are monitoring nearby for any temperatures higher than 100 degrees.

“This camera is able to take body temperature seamlessly as people just walk through as opposed to if you’re using a handheld device, you have to stop every single person, get in very close proximity and take their temperature," he said.

Farhat said the technology has been used in several industries, including the military and law enforcement.

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