A little off the top: JEA to reduce the number of floors in its new headquarters

Photo Credit: Ryan Companies US Inc.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The JEA Board of Directors on Thursday approved a reduction in the number of floors in the new JEA headquarters.

Instead of the planned nine floors, the new home of the city-owned utility will have seven floors, a move that will reduce the square footage from 196,900 to approximately 153,000, and reduce the parking garage by two levels, according to JEA.

“The reduction in square footage and size of the building does not equate to a reduction in full-time employees,” JEA said in a media release.

The changes discussed to the headquarters project require approval by the City’s Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB).

JEA said the building design will be generally the same in appearance with the exception of the height reductions resulting from fewer floors and minor changes at the upper levels.

JEA got final design approval on its proposed $72.2 million new headquarters on West Adams Street in Downtown Jacksonville in December, according to the Jacksonville Daily Record.

At the Board’s direction, JEA said it will also begin scoping a separate smaller scale project for a hardened facility to complement the headquarters project.

JEA plans to move to the new building, located at the northeast corner of Pearl and Adams Streets, in the late spring of 2022.