A greasy situation at Asian Fusion restaurant, plus dozens of rodent droppings found at pizza place

Antonio's Pizza and Grill (left) and Kamiya 86 Ponte Vedra location (right)
Antonio's Pizza and Grill (left) and Kamiya 86 Ponte Vedra location (right) (WJXT 2020)

SAINT AUGUSTINE, Fla. - Antonio’s Pizza and Grill was forced into an emergency shut down last week by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations.

The restaurant had only 5 violations total, but 2 of those three posed a major health threat, according to health inspectors report.

A report from the routine inspection on May 29, shows the inspector found 24 rodent droppings in the kitchen of the pizzeria, noting 12 rodent droppings were found on the floor behind a mixer in the kitchen; 5 more rodent droppings were counted on the floor behind the reach-in freezer; 7 rodent droppings were seen on the floor behind the oven.

RESTAURANT REPORTS: Failing Inspection | Perfect Score Follow-up Inspection

The restaurant scored a second, high priority violation after the inspector measured temperatures inside a reach-in cooler. One measurement shows a chicken wing was 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The report notes, however, this was fixed on-site as it was due to an employee who had left the door open.

The restaurant was given 3 basic violations for grease accumulation, meat being thawed in standing water, and having pizza boxes stored on the floor.

Antonio’s quickly corrected all violations and reopened the next day after a perfect inspection with no violations found.

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla - The owner of the Kamiya 86 Ponte Vedra location says when his restaurant was forced to close, it wasn’t their fault.

In the inspector’s report on May 26, the restaurant was given a high priority violation for sewage/wastewater backing up through the floor drains located outside of the restaurant. The owner told News4Jax that it was grease leaking near the parking lot. He also says the drain serves other restaurants in the strip, not just the Kamiya 86.

The landlord of the property ultimately was responsible for fixing the drain. In its failing inspection, Kamiya 86 was also cited for a build-up of residue on equipment door handles, standing water present by the cooler in cook line, and for not having soap at the handwashing sink.

RESTAURANT REPORTS: Failing Inspection | Operating while under Emergency Order of Suspension | Met Standards Inspection

The restaurant was given two high priority violations for improper food storage. At a surprise follow-up inspection, the restaurant was cited for operating while under an emergency closure.

On the Department of Business and Professional Regulations website, it says the restaurant is awaiting another follow-up inspection but the owner says the restaurant was allowed to reopen, once the drain was fixed.

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