Sheriff Williams answers your questions on body cameras, community policing and citizen review boards

As Jacksonville grapples with unrest over police transparency, Sheriff Mike Williams recently committed to listening to concerns from the community.

On Friday, Williams joined The Morning Show to answer questions about the city’s response to the recent protests and demonstrations calling for criminal justice reform and increased accountability.

We asked you to participate in the discussion by sharing questions you have for the sheriff. Below are a few topics that several viewers expressed interest in that we put to the sheriff, along with his responses.

For more from the interview, press the play button above.

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Releasing body camera footage

Melanie: You’ve listed the limitations as far as releasing body camera video, even saying that some of the laws surrounding this are a bit antiquated. You have the NACCP asking for something very specific, that the video be released within 48 hours of police shootings. If your hands weren’t tied on that, would you support this?

Sheriff Williams: So I think you have to weigh the integrity of these investigations -- and what I mean by that is that we owe it to every family involved in these cases to make sure that we get these investigations correct -- and when you release video very early in an investigation you taint every single witness that would come forward.