Kimberly Walker makes history after investing in BP gas station

Kimberly Walker owns many businesses, but during the COVID-19 pandemic she decided to invest in an industry she had never dealt with before: oil.

“As I looked around, I realized gas stations didn’t close down during the COVID-19, so I thought it was a wise investment,” said Walker.

The gas station is located on the busy corner off of Arlington Expressway where there is lots of talk about the new owner. Walker said BP called her with news that she had made history buy investing in the gas station.

Since the grand opening, Walker said she has the first Black-owned BP gas station in the state. After opening, they sold 58 thousand gallons of gas at a record pace.

“We got a call from BP stating that we were the top seller in Duval gas.

The wife and mother of six also buys homes, has a restaurant, a lawn service and a car wash service. Walker says she’s not just doing this to support the community, but to leave a legacy for her family.

“I am the first in my family to be an entrepreneur, and I want to set and example, lead by example for my kids, and leave a legacy for my kids,” said Walker.

Walker hopes other minorities will become interested in buying a gas station. She plans to buy others.

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