New app shows hidden flood risk for properties across the country

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A new data-driven tool has the potential to drive down the property value of 6 million homes. The new tool, Flood Factor, estimates the risk and chances of a property seeing flooding.

It shows millions of Americans who think they’re safe from flooding are wrong about that.

For the entire country, the model shows at least 14.6 million properties are at substantial risk. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) estimates show 8.7 million properties have the same risk. The difference is 6 million households hanging in the balance.

Flood Factor is an app that you can download for free to mobile devices and desktop computers. A research group called the First Street Foundation created the tool using several existing models, historical data, and extreme weather simulations to create maps.

On its website, it says the app simplifies flooding so anyone can find their risk, understand the science, and make informed decisions to prepare for the future.

The maps show properties at risk of flooding and estimates the severity if flooding were to occur. The app shows more than 48,000 locations are at risk for flooding in Jacksonville, alone.

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