Gov. DeSantis says having kids go back to school is right move

Governor DeSantis says despite the increase in the spread of the virus it will don't impact children the way it has impacted adults.

Children will begin going back to school in August, and even though parents may be divided on whether or not its a good decision by the Florida Department of Education, it is happening.

During a press conference on Saturday, Gov. Ron DeSantis showed optimism, saying it’s a good idea and the children will be better off in school.

“The main thing is, ‘What’s in it for the kids?” DeSantis said. “What harm is going to be done by continuing to keep them out of school? We’re proud of our distance learning here in Florida. We think we were ahead of the curve a lot of states were calling our commissioner when this all started. As much as were proud of that, there’s an achievement gap that’s developed. There’s no question. That will only be as long as this happens.”

DeSantis said despite the increase in the spread of the virus, it won’t impact children the way it has impacted adults.

“We know there are huge, huge costs for not providing in person school for our students,” he said. “The risk of corona for students is incredibly low. CDC will show statistics under 18 much more likely to be hospitalized for seasonal influenza than for this. Fatality rate is higher for seasonal influenza amongst under 18 than this has proven to be.”

And as parents begin to prepare their children, each local county is taking similar precautions.

So far, Duval County has purchased plastic classroom dividers that allow children to work near each other while reducing contamination between students. And in St. Johns County, they have provided four different options for a student’s learning experience.

DeSantis is confident and reassuring parents.

“There is significant cost not affording the opportunity for kids not having an in person education,” DeSantis said.

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