Congressman says convention will benefit both North Florida & South Georgia

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Rep. Buddy Carter, R-Georgia, says safety will be the top priority when the Republican National Convention visits Jacksonville in August for President Trump’s renomination speech.

Citing sources, the New York Times reported Tuesday that Trump and party officials have made a decision to move the RNC outdoors to avoid mask rules and allow social distancing.

Carter said the convention is good for both sides of the Florida/Georgia line.

“It’ll be beneficial to us in South Georgia, no question,” he said.

Carter, a three-term representative in Georgia’s first congressional district, has also been a pharmacist for nearly 40-years. He’s passionate about health care issues and said he’s concerned about the increase in reported COVID-19 cases.

Still, he sounded confident about safety measures in place for the RNC.

“If we follow the guidelines of the task force, if we are careful with wearing masks, if we practice social distancing, if we do all of those things that we’re supposed to be doing that the task force has recommended, I think we’ll be fine,” Carter said.

The RNC is a short-term, one-time boost, but Carter clearly wants the economy restarted and restored.

“We are concerned about the health of our country and about the health of our citizens. However, there are other things that we have to take into consideration,” Carter said. “We don’t have the luxury of just considering one thing, we have to consider the health of our economy as well now. Certainly it takes a backseat to the health of our citizens. Without question, that is paramount.”

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