Richard Nunn’s list of items you might not think to take when fleeing a storm

News4JAX meteorologist Richard Nunn joins us from the Cronin Ace Hardware where he's and building an evacuation kit.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If a tropical system was lurking, growing and spinning toward our coast, would you be prepared in the event of evacuation?

We went through the isles of Ace Hardware on The Morning Show looking for items that could help you in the event you have to leave your home. This isn’t a full list of what may be needed, but it offers some ideas as you assemble your evacuation kit.

The first of our items are all to help keep the family truckster smoothly moving down the highway and away from trouble. Some of the items we found were a tire patch and plug kit. Great idea since storm debris could littler the highway. Once the flat is fixed we also found a tire pump and mini-compressor to reinflate the tire and get you on the road. The compressor can also plow up air mats and inflatable mattresses.

A small toolset is also a great addition to your kit as are jumper cables. Either of these could help you or someone else if stranded. Part of staying ahead of the storm is keeping up with information. Cronin Ace Hardware is fully stocked with various weather radios. If you are outside of our area or your mobile device doesn’t have a signal, NOAA weather radios are a great back up for updated information.

Lastly is protecting your important documents. Each Ace Hardware is unique in what is available. Some stores sell canoe, kayak and paddleboard supplies. There you can also find dry storage bags. We looked around the St. Johns at Johns Creek store and thought “what if.” In this case, we used a cooler to store our documents. If the cooler is being used to keep things cool, then a bucket with a lid could perform the same task.

The key is a tight fit to keep water out and if rising water is the issue placing things safely at the highest point possible.

Like I said, three areas of interest spanning the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Now is the time to Build a Kit That Fits and complete your family’s preparations.

About the Author:

Richard Nunn is the Weather Authority Chief Meteorologist