Georgia investigator saves injured hawk struck by vehicle

Investigator happens to be licensed falconer

Glynn County Police Department
Glynn County Police Department

GLYNN COUNTY, Fla. – A Glynn County Police Department investigator -- who happens to be a licensed falconer -- rescued a hawk on Tuesday after it was struck by a vehicle.

The police department said the red-tailed hawk was eating a meal when it was injured.

Luckily for the large bird, investigator Lowrey’s “unique talents” were put to use and he handled the hawk safely and transported it to a rehabilitation center so it can recover, the department said. The Facebook post did not include the investigator’s first name.

Investigator Lowrey is also attached to GCPD’s Special Response Team.

Recently, Investigator Lowrey saved this juvenile Red-tailed Hawk after it was struck by a vehicle, as it was eating it'...

Posted by Glynn County Police Department on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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