Knock-knock. Who’s there? The 2020 Census

File photo
File photo

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you haven’t already filled out your census form, don’t be surprised if you get a knock at the door.

U.S. Census takers are beginning to stop by the homes of those who have not completed their census paperwork to improve response rates. Florida’s response rate currently trails the national average.

In a tweet Tuesday, Mayor Lenny Curry reminded procrastinating Jacksonville residents that they can expect a visit from census employees who want to make sure “everyone is counted.”

“Help us shape the future of our community,” Curry said. “Go to 2020Census.gov and fill it out for your family today!”

Why’s this once-in-a-decade process so important? Namely, the results have an influence over how federal tax dollars are spent along with how well each state is represented in Congress. In other words, it matters.