Some have transportation issues on first day of school in St. Johns County

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – There were some transportation hiccups on day one in St. Johns County.

Heather Sensiba said she dropped her fifth-grader off at the bus stop and waited for the pick-up nearly a half-hour after the scheduled time still no bus.

“So we were out there probably at least five minutes before,” said Heather Sensiba, mother of st. Johns county student. “We waited for half an hour. The bus never showed up. So I just, you know, drove her to school.”

Sensiba said she’s been working from home. But if she was still in the office her 10-year-old would not have made it to class.

“And we could see the next street over from us. The kids were still waiting when we walked back down our road,” Sensiba said.

Sensiba said her high-school-age child’s bus did arrive and depart on time and that it was mostly-empty with students spaced-out one-per-seat.

Other parents told News4Jax they had an easier time Monday morning.

Gabbey said her child’s bus arrived at the exact moment it was scheduled.

“I just happen to look at the clock and to see because the time was 6:51 that they said they were going to be here and I’m like, ’how did they get it that accurate?’ You know, and it was 6:51 they were here right on time,” Gabbey said.

News4Jax reached out to the district transportation department for information on any issues.

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