Pet store owner says special-needs puppy was stolen

Owner of Puppies Galore & More says mini aussiepoo is worth roughly $2,500

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville pet store owner says a mini aussiepoo puppy is missing and that surveillance cameras were rolling when two women came in, snatched it up and left.

Marsha Kello, owner of Puppies Galore and More, says it happened Saturday. The women were seen walking around the store when one went to the pen with the aussiepoos. She appears to pick the dog up and put it into her purse right in front of the camera.

The two walk out. Kello said the duo was in the store for about three minutes.

Photo from pet store
Photo from pet store

“That that puppy is a special-needs puppy, and it needs to be back to where somebody knows how to take care of him," Kello said. “Please return our puppy!”

According to Kello, the dog requires a special diet because it has low blood sugar. She said it’s worth approximately $2,500 and she fears it could be traded.

Kello hopes the dog will be returned safely.

“We take care of these puppies like they’re our own children," she said.

The store is offering a $300 reward for the puppy’s return.

Kello said she’s filled out a police report and asked anyone with information to contact JSO.

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